Testimonials ...

We met Gina through a friend when we realized that we needed a more appropriate learning environment for our son, and wanted to employ a Special Education advocate.  Being new to this process, we did not know what to expect even though we had done an extensive amount of research.  Gina provided extremely valuable guidance regarding the process, how best to organize ourselves, and mostly, had a presence in IEP meetings that put Boston Public Schools administrators on guard.  She presents at these meetings exceptionally well prepared, addresses the issues with precision, and is not afraid to bring the fight to them.  Her feisty presence let us know that we had a strong advocate in our corner who is not willing to back down, and this gave us confidence.

When we had to take the next step and hire a lawyer, Gina was there to prepare the attorney on the details, and offered valuable input.  We are confident that her preparation and input was a huge factor in our attorney being able to draft a hearing request that resulted in Boston Public Schools agreeing to placement within a week of the hearing request being filed.  Gina's expertise and fortitude was invaluable to us and we cannot express how grateful we are to have had her on our team.  We highly recommend Gina McClellan for anyone needing advocacy services for their children!

-Boston Parent

Thanks so much for all your help. With your professionalism, compassion, and thoughtful advice, you've been a reassuring presence throughout this entire process.  My wife and I are thrilled that our son will finally be able to start school, and we know we couldn't have done it without you.

-Cambridge Parent

Gina’s hard work, knowledge, and steadfast dedication, to her profession, have produced great results in attaining what is best for my son’s educational development.  She shows true compassion for her clients and fully understands the struggles parents’ experience, when dealing with their child’s Individual Education Plan. 


-Marshfield Parent



Knowing Gina’s experience as a parent (who has a child with special needs), I was happy to hear two years ago that Gina was bringing her many talents to work with families as an advocate. Since that time, I have personally worked with Gina on approximately twenty cases. Not surprisingly, Gina’s passion, intelligence and experience have helped her provide stellar series to parents of children with a wide range of disabilities. Gina is exceptionally well organized and has a rare ability to condense volumes of documents and to identify the main issues in a case without wasting time and effort. Whenever I have the opportunity to work on a case with Gina, I know that it will be well prepared and organized. Gina is a hard worker with a passionate belief in the rights of children to receive the education that they deserve. Importantly, her pleasant demeanor allows her to work collaboratively but persistently with team members to accomplish her clients’ objectives without unnecessary discord. When attending meetings with Gina and her clients, I am always impressed with her contributions to case strategy and the very obvious reliance that her clients place on her.


-Practicing Special Education Attorney

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, thank you,thank you!!! First, I’ve never had any of his meetings last that long ever!!! So I knew we were heading somewhere.  I think I am still in shock, you were amazing in there and was the voice we so desperately needed! I can’t believe the output we got out of this meeting compared to all the other meetings I’ve attended.

 I cried in the car, it was like a release and I have you thank for that. I know we have a lot more challenges in our future but I know as long as we have you and the knowledge you bring in our corner, unstoppable!!!

So once again from my husband and me,THANK YOU!!!

-Brockton Parent

Thank you for the productive meeting. 

I hope the new IEP will work well and my girl will make progress with all of the services we added into her IEP.  I have to say she is a lucky girl to have you.

-Winchester Parent

Thanks very much for your help.  It is a blessing to have you as an advocate.

-Hingham Parent

Gina impresses me with her compassion, understanding, and professionalism in working with families with children with special needs. She is always available to explain difficult processes and listen with kindness and empathy. She works tirelessly combing through reports, recommendations and other documents to ensure she has a complete understanding of the case. She advocates for families in IEP meetings and correspondence with school officials with concision language and professionalism.


-Behaviorist, LMHC, CEIS


Gina, your experience and personality help so many through the dark waters of bewilderment and frustration. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.


- Marshfield Parent

I honestly have never felt better about paying for something!  You have been wonderful to work with and we cannot thank you enough for your help in this process.

Thank you so much!

-West Roxbury Parent


You need to know how much I appreciate you helping and guiding me. And you did not act like I was crazy even when I felt it at times!

-Brockton Parent


Thank you Gina for your hard work and dedication.  We are so happy you are on our team.

- Boston Parent

I can't imagine going into those meetings without Gina by my side.  She knows her stuff!

-Medfield Parent

I am writing to recommend Gina McClellan as an advocate.  Gina has been our son’s advocate for several years.  As the mother of a son who has dyslexica, I have learned that having someone on your side is helpful.  When it comes to providers for my son I only hire people who are educated, dedicated, insightful, strategic, kind and caring and Gina is one of the best members on my sons team. She is amazing!

-Hanover Parent

Thanks for everything throughout this process. You have been so helpful!!

-Wellesley Parent

Thank you for your hard work, your drive and dedication to our girls. Being parents of twins is not easy and having them both on  IEP’s can be a very overwhelming and challenging process . Having you and you being such a knowledgeable person has made this process less frustrating.  You have shown that you care as much about our girls school life as we do.  Gina your passion in what you do and believe in is one of the greatest quality a person can have.

- Hyde Park Parents