Alice Judge Gillan, Owner - Duxbury, MA 

Gillan Learning Center’s mission is to provide developmentally appropriate, individualized instruction to students aged 4-adult using learning systems that are research based and proven effective. Individual student success will be accomplished through direct multi-sensory instruction, active student involvement, expert evaluation, and direct communication/collaboration with families.

Services Include: Individualized Tutoring,  Preschool Programming - Ready To Read = Ready To Succeed, Organizational Programming - Plan To Win, Academic Assessments, Homework Help Groups, Guided Reading and Writing Groups, and IEP Consulting Services by Gina McClellan.

Gillan Learning Center Promise: Our 1:1 instructional fee includes expert instruction by instructors that have master’s degrees or higher in education. All instructors are Massachusetts certified and in the area of instruction. Your child’s instructional plan will be developed and evaluated by Alice Gillan. Parents will receive an agenda or copy of written work after instruction which will communicate instruction delivered.

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